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John J.
Salute and best wishes, General and Brother Knight!
Nashville Knight
Great to meet you, Sir. Many happy years and long life. Thank you for keeping our nation safe and great.
John M. Quinn
General McIlmoyle is one of the most courageous and helpful men I have known during my life. His skill as an aviator saved our country from enemy threats. His work as a Catholic family man has benefited many hundreds of people both in and outside of the Air Force community.
I thank God for letting me and my family get to have "Jerry" as a friend for over six years. We are neighbors in Venice, Florida.
Many times I have been in the company of famous actors and business people and the General is one of the most important "Stars" I know.
Charline Cristofori
Gen. Mcllmoyle, always a relentless American Patriot and friend who makes us proud and glad that we had a chance to know him. Nothing here is surprising. Jer is all about bolstering the goodness in all of us. Charline & Cris Cristofori
Muriel West
My husband & I became friends with Mr.McIlmoyle & his wife in Venice, Fl. The nicest most gentle people!
Jeannie Brozik
I cried reading this tribute to my uncle. I'm so proud to call him my uncle and have all the McIlmoyes as part of my family. I am close to his daughter Ruth and she brings sunshine into my life.
Rev. Vincent Sheehy, Pastor Emeritus
General Jerry McIlmoyle has been an outstanding member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Venice, Florida for many years.
I was pleased to read this account of his military service particularly as a U2 pilot over Cuba in October, 1962, when
I lived in Miami at that time and knew the tension between the USA and Cuba. Fortunately the U2 surveilance informed President John Kennedy to negotiate the withdrawal of Russian missiles from Cuba and thereby resolve this threat.
Joe Maguire
It is a great honor and privilege to know," The General". Many of his fellow knights of Council #9924 call him that out of respect for what he has done for his fellow man; and the people he continues to serve as a knight.
Our hats are off to you Jerry.
God Bless You.
Paul Krause
As the Grand Knight of Council #9924, I knew I could rely on General Mcllmoyle whenever I needed advice or counsel.
We are privileged to have him as a member of our Council,
THE definition of a Catholic gentleman.

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