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Wonderful article. The importance of ALL of humanity should not be lost, especially by the means of ignorant prejudicial thinking. Well thought out article, while at the same time, brief and to the point. This is worth sharing. Thank you.
Thanks for this excellent post! Unfortunately, men's primary temptation as a result of original sin is to be passive and un-involved about things that really matter. Remember, Adam was right there when Eve was being tempted...and did nothing. Thus, when men get the message from women and a feminist culture that they are not needed, its a permission slip to indulge that temptation whether through overwork, delaying or not even seeking marriage,
pornography, etc.

Thanks again for this kind and excellent post. And men, let's step it up a notch!
Ohhhhhhh so it's the woman's fault that men won't commit to marriage?

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