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Every divorce is anguish - a cheating husband makes it easier in some ways but the cheating itself - what a rage a woman can feel!! Who are these women who would steal a spouse from another woman? How will they face God I don't know.
Still alone
Every word of this interview sounds so familiar. Hang in there "Divorced Mom", you speak for all of us!
Ann M.
If anyone knows of a healing ministry in the Church that can help me,please respond in this space. Divorce is the worst thing man has ever devised in the history of the world. There are so many who need healing.
Padua Anthony
Many Catholic Churches offer relief/healing services for divorced men/women. Check with your Church, and if they do not offer this service, check with your local Diocese.

First off, the key to a good marriage is communication, period. I can tell you that without it, my wife and I would not have the wonderful marriage we have. It is too easy (and I am saying this from experience)to allow yourself to only see your side and what the other person is doing wrong.

I am not saying that this woman is to blame, I am saying the possibility is there that they stopped communicating their wants, dreams and desires and it let them drift further and further apart until they were more roommates than a single, united entity.

Thankfully in my case, I realized that I wasn't putting my wife ahead of myself. I was busy looking at what she wasn't doing for me rather than being thankful for all she was doing. I stopped taking into consideration all the stresses she had every day.

I thank God daily for the gift he gave me in her. I also thank him for waking me up and making me realize what I had. I never was unfaithful to her and never would be, but I certainly wasn't the husband she deserved. If people could only learn how important it is to express one's feelings and how important it is to step outside of the situation and see the other person's point of view, maybe there wouldn't be infidelity or divorce.

I certainly commend this woman for trying so hard to work things out. Unfortunately, her husband is a fool. My wife and I have been married for twenty years and our love is stronger now than ever.

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