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Beautiful message, Matt. Thanks for the reminder for me to appreciate that my husband DOES love me this way.
Lauren Warner
As Matt's wife, I can attest that he lives this post every day! I am a very blessed woman!
Matt, I am a coworker of Lauren's - your words, however obvious - are truly inspirational. I think many men (and women) should read something like this before they sign up for marriage. If you check "Yes" - please move on and be joyful. :) Thanks for stating the obvious in such a beautiful way.
This gives me so much hope! Marriage is such a holy gift. Thank you for your sincere and beautiful words.
Matt, thank you for reminding me of my pledge to my wife which I've neglected. You have enlighten and opened my eyes to the blessed sacrament of marriage, which I am truly grateful.

God Bless,

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