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Will Ferris
Vivat GESU,
I like the visiting the Mother church of baptism on this day. I visited my baptimal church 70 years after my baptism. A great feeling
Bill Fenton
The Laetare Medal - named because the recipient is announced on Laetare Sunday - is presented annually by the University of Notre Dame. It is the most historic and prestigious award given to American Catholics.
Victor E. Salting
This is a very educational discussion. I wish a similar information about our faith is posted every month. The Knights of Columbus is presumed to be the mirror of what Catholic men should be and know.
tom radewicz
I have been a Catholic for 70 years and never heard of Laetare Sunday. Maybe I have but the info never stayed with me. It would nice if our 'shepherd's' would take five extra minutes on a Sunday and talk about things like this. All in all, thanks for the short faith lesson.
Joe D'Silva
Very good to be reminded of Laetare Sunday. It's a Sunday I had forgotten. Thank you.
Perhaps some of you are late to mass or as you said, don't pay attention, these topics and celebrations are usually stated at the beginning of the mass and are usually written in the missalette under the date of the Sunday Mass. At the beginning of mass in advent my pastor, wearing rose/pink, stated it was "rejoice" Sunday, formally called "Gaudete" Sunday. It may be a good opportunity to as your priest before mass this sunday if he could comment a minute on lateran sunday and make note why he wearing pink, if he has a chasbule that is pink, a lot of money spent for a vestment that is only worn twice a year, many priests can't afford that. A good project for the K of C to raise the money for one.

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