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Who We Are

Learn more about our college councils program and how our councils contribute to the faith and needs of their campuses and communities.

College Councils

A college council is a Knights of Columbus subordinate unit formed at a college or university to meet the needs of students and their campus community. College councils work closely with their pastor and their Newman Center or Campus Ministry Office to contribute to Catholic life on campus through acts of charity, social events and opportunities for faith formation. In a unique way our councils create an environment for Catholic men to discern their vocation and become the best version of themselves. Supported by other men who share their faith and passion for service, fraternity, and socialization, college Knights find the college council experience as a great entry point into the Knights of Columbus, an international organization that offers opportunities for continued membership and leadership development after graduation. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Knights of Columbus College Councils Program is to promote the moral, intellectual and spiritual development of the future leaders of civil society, the Order, and the Church through witness to the Gospel and dedication to the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


“The Knights strive to make every single person who joins a better Catholic, a better student, a better friend, and a better man. When you join the Knights you are not simply joining another group, you are affirming your commitment to become the best version of yourself, your commitment to become a true Catholic gentleman, and your commitment to surround yourself with the types of role models and friends who will help make that possible.”

Colin Devine, Class of 2016
Past Grand Knight Notre Dame Council 1477


“The longer I'm a Knight the more I realize what a special organization this is. There's a real family element involved and it's rooted in fostering the Body of Christ. This role has helped my faith grow tremendously and has shown me the many ways in which we, as a spirit-filled collective of young men, can build the Church and bring light to campus.”

Nick Padrnos, Class of 2015
Past Grand Knight Gonzaga University Council 12583


“There are few more significant programs in which you can be a member and lead as a college student. The impact college Knights can make on campuses mentoring and influencing other students and within their councils is larger than that of perhaps any other collegiate program. College Knights embody the values of chivalry often absent from our campuses and communities, executing amazing charity projects and programs of brotherhood together. In my professional life I reflect often on the lessons of stewardship I learned in these service and fraternal activities.”

Julian Gluck, Captain, USAF, Class of 2012
Past Grand Knight U.S. Air Force Academy Council 8200