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Every Council Active

Recruitment and Service Program efforts are like exercise and good nutrition for a council – they're necessary to stay healthy.  A council that is stable and strong regularly recruits new members and conducts programs for the Church and community. A council that is facing difficulties often goes months or even years without adding any new Knights to its roster or sponsoring service projects.

To keep councils working on recruiting new members as well as conducting service projects, the Order started the Every Council Active program. This program encourages councils to add at least one new member through initiations or reinstatement during the fraternal year.

During the last fraternal year more than several thousand councils failed to recruit even one new member. What went wrong for those councils that didn't even add one member? The inability to recruit even one new member could be the first sign that a council is in trouble. Don't let your council reach that stage. If you haven't added a member yet, work to do so immediately.

Now is the time for councils that haven't brought in any new members to get their recruitment activities going and join the majority of councils in the Every Council Active program. Joining this program can be the first step toward Star Council status. It can also encourage members to join in the recruitment process and help in meeting council recruitment quotas.

Get the recruitment process started in your council by asking someone to join the Order. This will push your fellow council officers, chairmen and members to do the same. By bringing in one member your council automatically joins the Every Council Active ranks, but don't stop there. Work to break past council recruitment records and help keep the Order strong and your own council active.