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Well-Run Meetings will Boost Attendance

If members ask themselves "Why am I here?" then something is wrong with the way your council is conducting its meetings. Follow these guidelines for well-run meetings:

  • Keep council meetings interesting and relevant.

  • Start meetings on time and keep discussions, comments, etc. within reasonable limits.

  • The grand knight should refer any nonessential matters to the appropriate committees.

  • Hold meetings on a night convenient to most members.

  • Allow all members to voice their opinions in an orderly way and try to keep meetings open and relaxed.

The flyer "Responsibilities of Grand Knight" (#1937) explains the guidelines for conducting a council meeting. Grand knights should also be familiar with parliamentary procedure. The booklet How to Conduct a Meeting: Parliamentary Procedure (#438) is also helpful.

Encourage a free exchange of ideas on council programs and business during council meetings, but make sure the council remains focused on the issues under discussion. If possible, complete the business portion of the meeting within an hour.