State Deputy and District Deputy Resources

This page serves as a collection of resources to help you perform in your role as District Deputy, State Deputy, or as a State Officer. It replaces the USB drives that were previously distributed at your state Organizational Meetings. Information is divided by category into the tabs below. As a reminder, the full listing of forms for submission to the Supreme Council is available at If you do not see what you are looking for on this particular page, please visit the forms page or click on the search button at the upper right-hand corner of this page to search the entire website. Membership promotion videos are available at, while a further selection of wider-interest videos is available in the Video Library. If you require additional assistance, the Fraternal Mission Dept. can help. You may reach us at 203-752-4270 (Option #1 Programs, Option #2 Membership, Option #3 Fraternal Training & Ceremonials) or via email,

2019 Workshops

Please see the presentations and other important materials from the 2019 Organizational Meeting of State Deputies:




Key Take Aways

Link to presentation

1 Planning for Success
(presented to SD Re-elects)
Mark McMullen
  1. Have a plan for all aspects of your operation
  2. Continually analyze and adjust
  3. Have goals and track them
2 Membership Overview Mark McMullen
  1. Become more family friendly
  2. Get all councils active
  3. Work with your pastors
3 Growth Workshop Membership Growth Team
  1. Delegate
  2. Have a plan
  3. Build a culture of accountability
  •   Growth Workshop Adobe
4 Faith in Action Workshop Programs Team
  1. Promote FIA and monitor implementation
  2. Make sure councils have access to latest resources
  3. Enact the Supreme Chaplain's monthly challenge
  •   Faith in Action Workshop Adobe
5 Membership Experience Workshop Membership Experience Team
  1. Sar Council is a roadmap for retention and experience
  2. Pray for your work
  3. Share your vision as well as best practices
  •   Membership Experience Workshop Adobe
6 COH Requirements Mark McMullen
  1. INTAKE ONLY for state deputies to earn
  2. Intake and NET ONLY for Membership Director
  •   COH Program Rules Adobe
    Microsoft Power Point
7 Closing Comments and Key Take Aways Mark McMullen       Microsoft




Opening Business Session
Address of the Supreme Knight
Carl Anderson
Supreme Knight
Opening Business Session
Address of the Supreme Chaplain
Most Rev. William E. Lori
Archbishop of Baltimore & Supreme Chaplain
Opening Business Session
Address on Membership
Mark McMullen
SVP, Membership & Fraternal Mission
Presentation of Key Takeaways Mark McMullen
SVP, Membership & Fraternal Mission
Communicating with Pastors and Bishops Damien O'Connor
Sr. Director of Member Experience & Formation

Supreme Convention


Membership Materials

DD Training

District Deputy Required Training
Please find below a link to the PowerPoint presentation for your jurisdiction's Organizational Meeting presentation on the new required DD Training as well as an attendance sign-in form.



District Deputy Training Course


District Deputy Training attendance sign-in form



Sample Speeches