Membership Campaign Overview

Venerable Michael McGivney Membership Campaign

The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council is conducting the Venerable Michael McGivney Membership Campaign in honor of 130 years of the Order and 160 years of our founder's birth. In addition to the First Degree exemplifications, each council should hold a Corporate Communion and pray together for the Canonization of Father McGivney and for the growth and prosperity of the Order. Also, this is a great time to host a council open house and show the video The Life and Legacy of Father McGivney.  Participating in the campaign is easy! All a member has to do is recruit new members!


The membership campaign incentives are as follows:

  • Venerable Michael McGivney Medallion

    Throughout the Fraternal year, any member who recruits a new member will receive a specially made Venerable Michael McGivney Medallion.

  • Officer's Recruiting Challenge

    Every fraternal leader should set a good example for council

    members and personally recruit —1— new member to make

    his council stronger. Not just council officers, each district

    deputy and state council officer, director and chairman

    should recruit a new Knight!

    Every council that meets or exceeds the Officers Recruiting

    Challenge will be awarded 26,000 Council V. I. P. Points

    for the council to redeem with Knights of Columbus

    merchandise in the Gift Catalog! The recruiting officer is

    still awarded his personal 500 V. I. P. Points.

    Special Award for Councils; redeem your 26,000 points for

    a new set of Council Officers Jewels (PG-130).

    Don’t delay – participate today!  Started: 7/1/12.  Ends:  9/30/12.

  • Challenges throughout the year

    Please click above to view a breakdown for the year and different challenges that will be offered.