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'Ensure that such genocide never again occurs'


Supreme Knight Issues Statement on Liberation of Towns in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain

humanitarian relief for Christian refugees

“While welcoming the ongoing liberation of the Nineveh plain and Mosul, we must not forget that the genocide begun by ISIS will continue through attrition and neglect unless the United States and international community prioritize those groups that were targeted for extermination and risk disappearing altogether. This must include direct financial support from our government that actually reaches endangered groups like Christians and Yazidis. Those Iraqi citizens who belong to these groups also need to be given equal rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We must also insist that the two-tiered system of rights - resulting in the second class citizenship of Christians and other non-majority religious groups - end if we really want to ensure that such genocide never again occurs in this region. Celebrations over the ongoing liberation of the historically Christian towns of the Nineveh should not obscure the fact those minority groups who lived there for generations are now displaced and in danger of disappearing.”

The Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic fraternal group, has raised more than $11 million for humanitarian relief for Christian refugees, with a focus on Iraq and Syria. The Knights also worked with In Defense of Christians to present a nearly 300-page report to the U.S. State Department documenting the genocide occurring against Christians at the hands of ISIS and related groups. That document, delivered by Secretary of State John Kerry on March 17, was presented to the U.S. State Department and has been widely credited for being instrumental in securing the U.S. government’s genocide designation.

Donations can be made to the Knights' efforts at ChristiansatRisk.org.