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Dr. Mildred Jefferson dies at the age of 84


Dr. Mildred Jefferson died at the age of 84

On October 15, America lost one of the most articulate and dedicated exponents of the pro-life cause, and I lost a good friend, when Dr. Mildred Jefferson died at the age of 84. Her courage and strength were unmistakable. Raised in a very small town in central Texas during the Depression, she went on to become the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She became a surgeon at Boston University Medical Center, and a professor at its medical school.

When the Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade, Dr. Jefferson became one of its most powerful and persuasive critics. She was among the founders of the National Right to Life Committee, serving three terms as its president, and was a leader in other pro-life groups as well. I will never forget her passionate defense of the sanctity of human life when we were both part of an effort to persuade Congress to protect human life from the moment of conception. We will continue to fight Mildred Jefferson’s battle to ensure that the medical profession she represented so well will once again become an unambiguous force for saving lives, rather than extinguishing them.

---Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight