Building the Domestic Church Kiosk

A Higher Purpose
Strengthen the domestic church (our families) by providing exceptional religious education materials to all Catholics. Building the Domestic Church Kiosks contain engaging, faith-based literature and are available for councils to distribute to members, parishioners, and the general public.

By organizing activities in their parishes, councils will educate and evangelize using the rich resources found in the Catholic Information Service (CIS) Building the Domestic Church series of booklets.

Since 1948, CIS has been the major evangelical arm of the Knights of Columbus. Through multiple booklet series and various media formats, CIS makes our Catholic faith accessible and continually provides tools for catechesis and faith formation. Councils can purchase a Building the Domestic Church Kiosk online and will receive the first set of 225 booklets of the most popular CIS resources, aimed at helping Catholics to live out the Church’s vision for our families.

Action Steps


  1. Working with your pastor, obtain his permission and recommendations on placing a Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K) in a prominent location in your parish hall or the vestibule / narthex of the Church.
  2. Order the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K) through Supplies Online, the supply ordering portal available on Officers Online. The Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K) is available to councils in the U.S. and Canada for $150.00 USD (including shipping) and comes with 225 booklets and the kiosk.
  3. Assign a council member to be responsible for receiving and setting up the kiosk. Replenish the booklets when supplies are low by order Building the Domestic Church Kiosk Refill (#BDC-R) through Supplies Online, the supply ordering portal available on Officers Online. (You may want to speak to your pastor about collaborating with the parish for future booklets orders, since councils can purchase booklets in bulk at a reduced rate.)


  1. In collaboration with your parish faith formation leader, plan activities to promote the materials in the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K). Have council members assist in the teaching events associated with the booklets and/or lead one or more of the faith-based groups/activities. Potential programs where the booklets can be used include:
    • Adults studying to enter the Catholic faith
    • Continuing education
    • Men’s groups
    • Family ministries
    • Parish retreats
    • Evenings of reflection
    • Youth Ministry programs
    • Council membership formation
    • Active booklet distributions after Mass
  2. Build public interest for the program! Promote the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K) and activities associated with it in your parish and larger community through a variety of efforts:
    • Prominently display promotional posters (which can be ordered through Supplies Online)
    • Bulletin announcements
    • Pulpit announcements
    • Posting on your council and parish website / social media pages
  3. To gain credit for your program, complete the associated reporting forms and submit them to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Mission. Remember to retain copies for your council records.

Please Note: Conducting an Into the Breach study group does not satisfy the programming requirements for the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk program. The two activities are separate and cannot be double-counted.


All supplies and kits should be ordered by your council Grand Knight or Financial Secretary using the Supplies Online application available through Officers Online. Please note that Guide Sheets, Press Releases, etc. are available below as PDFs.

  1. #10742- Building the Domestic Church - Activity Poster
  2. #10736- BDC Kiosk - Informational Poster
  3. #10744- BDC Kiosk - Books List
  4. #10596- BDC Kiosk - Guide Sheet

Kit Contents
Order the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K) through Supplies Online, the supply ordering portal available on Officers Online.

  • #304 - Lord, Teach Us To Pray
  • #309 - Prayer Time
  • #310 - Letter to Families
  • #315 - The Good Life, God's Way
  • #318 - The Family in the Modern World
  • #319 - A Scriptural Rosary for the Family
  • #322 - Becoming A Real Man of God
  • #324 - Mary, The Mother of God
  • #327 - Saint Benedict for Busy Parents
  • #328 - Saint Joseph: Our Father in Faith
  • #333 - God's Plan for Love & Marriage: John Paul II's Theology of the Body
  • #340 - Into the Breach
  • #390 - Faith: Questions and Answers
  • #10162 - The Family Fully Alive
  • #10168 - The Gift of Fatherhood
    • Kiosk