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Patty Rybak
Beautifully articulated, Gabriel, and thank you for this lovely article and insight. I think I had a rather uneventful upbringing in the 1950's and 1960's, but as I reflect on your article, these things are what my parents always did.

As a family we always sat at the dinner table together with no interruptions and shared the events of our day, we never went to bed without kissing good-night. They never divorced and I am best friends with my siblings. And I believe the recipe for the success is in this.

Yes, life is so different now and we can never go back. But if each family would just take the time to shut down the outside noise and take the time each day to share with each other, they would ensure for themselves a future lifetime of familial connection that is irreplaceable.

The easy thing is to not to take the time to connect and have the ritual, the consequences may be devastating.

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