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Archived Online Discussion
Topic: The Last Secret of Fatima
Date: 5-6 pm (ET)
on Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Carl Anderson
Supreme Knight
Carl Anderson:
Thank you all for joining us this evening to discuss The Last Secret of Fatima by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

Frank Van Beek
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Why are Rome's Papal advisers not adhering to the Consecration of Russia as requested by Mary? Even Lucy in 1985 admitted it was not done and it is the only way to peace for us all. Set the political consequences aside and listen to Mary.
Carl Anderson:
I think Cardinal Bertone answers this quite well in his book. On page 82 he quotes Sister Lucia herself as saying the consecration "has been performed, as Our Lady requested, on March 25, 1984."

Sister Mary Ruth O'Brien, O.P.
Carmel, IN, USA
How can we present this message to school children in a balanced, not threatening, yet inspiring way?
Carl Anderson:
The secret of Fatima is important for clearly showing the battle between good and evil, but is even more important - as Cardinal Bertone points out - for its call for us to live lives of prayer, penance, and faith. This is the most important part of the message to present to children - or anyone else - for that matter.

Tony Genco, Deputy Grand Knight
Woodbridge, Ontario Canada Council 13630
Why do you think the secret was kept a secret for such a long time?
Carl Anderson:
Since it appears that the prophecy was fulfilled in the life of Pope John Paul II, who could have been in a better position than he was to release this. Of course Cardinal Bertone discusses this at great length, and I would suggest take a close look at Part I of this book for even more information on the history of the release of this secret.

Robert Resuali
Glendale Heights, IL, USA
How does one discern a difference of fact in agreement with The Fatima Network at:
to which many believe to be the case? A thorough review of the website is encouraged.
Carl Anderson:
Sadly, there was and continues to be a great deal of speculation about this portion of the Fatima secret. Cardinal Bertone's book certainly puts to rest these various notions. He quotes Sister Lucia as follows: "Yes, this is the Third Secret, and I never wrote any other." The Cardinal continues in answering the site and organization you mention: "Hard-core Fatimists ... are in for a disappointment."

Thomas Andrews
Burbank, CA
Why do you think there has been so much speculation about this secret in particular?
Carl Anderson:
There is a general interest in anything that is considered secret. There are no shortage of meanings given for instance to the book of Revelation. This was an extraordinary appearance of Our Lady. Like the other appearances of Mary at Lourdes, Guadalupe, etc., it was a dramatic event in the life of the Church. This appearance coming as it did, contemporaneous with the Great War, WWI, and the great revolution - the Russian Revolution - suggested a type of Apocalypse. The central message which we need to keep our eyes fixed upon, is not so much the details, but that when faced with great evil, divine mercy is even greater.

James W.
How would you summarize the message of Fatima?
Carl Anderson:
Both the Pope and Cardinal Bertone have described the central message as a call to conversion. We would also say that repentance, penance, conversion, prayer are all important parts of the Christian life, and that Divine Mercy is greater than any evil we may face.

Have you ever been to Fatima? Tell us your most memorable impression for there.
Carl Anderson:
No, I have not yet been there. My predecessor was in the front row of the audience held on May 13, 1981 to discuss the Knights of Columbus plans for building the new chapel at St. Peter's to commemorate the patron saints of Europe, Benedict, Cyril and Methodius. We might say that John Paul II's decision to make these saints together, the patron saints of a united Europe, was part of the answer of Divine Providence to the situation, which the prophecies of Fatima addressed. Also on that day, John Paul II intended to announce the formal establishment of his pontifical institute for the study of marriage and the family, of which I became founding Vice President and first dean now located at Catholic University of America. This is why the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family is placed under the protection of Our Lady of Fatima. That is why one of the first things I did as dean was to place a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima in the offices of the Institute, which was blessed by His Excellency the Roman Catholic Archbishop Tadeausz Kondrusiewicz in Moscow, which had great significance given the Pope's consecration in 1984.

Anna K
New York
Why do you think that Fatima has had such a lasting impression compared to other apparitions?
Carl Anderson:
Really the answer to this question is another book. But certainly like the other great approved Marian apparitions Rue de Bac, Guadalupe, and Lourdes - among others - it deepened the spiritual life of millions, while also giving millions great hope and caused a great spiritual renewal.

Jason R
Haddonfield NJ
I heard that the city Fatima is named after Mohammed's daughter, when Moslems occupied Spain. Is this correct?
Carl Anderson:
I have heard that the city was named for a princess who was named Fatima, and she was no doubt named for Mohammed's daughter. That having been said, we should remember what Cardinal Bertone writes in this book - that this message is for Christians. But it is important to remember also that many Muslims have a devotion to Mary, and if somehow Our Lady of Fatima can help encourage better relations between Muslims and Christians, why would we not seek her intercession.

Greetings! I have not yet read the book, The Last Secret of Fatima, could there be a relation on her messages to the recent catastrophes happening around the world?
Carl Anderson:
I would certainly encourage you to get and read the book, and also to read the message of Fatima on the Vatican website The point of the message is not natural disasters, but rather that each of us has a duty to pray and repent and thus to make the world a better place.

Atlanta, Georgia
I enjoyed reading this book, especially the part on Sister Lucia's love of the Rosary. Why do the Knights of Columbus put such an emphasis on the Rosary? Is this related to Fatima?
Carl Anderson:
The Knights' devotion to the Rosary is really a reflection of a longer tradition of devotion within the Church. That having been said, this tradition has certainly been strengthened by the message of Our Lady of Fatima and the Marian devotion of John Paul II.

Wallingford CT
What is the meaning of Fatima for our lives today? For example, do we still need to pray for the conversion of Russia?
Carl Anderson:
I think we should continue to pray for the conversion of Russia, and for that of