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125 Years in Review – 1890s

John J. Cone serves as surpeme knight from 1898-99; he is a member for less than three years when he is elected to lead the Order..
Father McGivney dies on Aug.14, 1890. His funeral Mass is celebrated in Thomaston, Conn., on Aug. 18.
In 1892, the Order passes laws allowing noninsurance or associate members to join.
In November 1893, The Columbiad, a forerunner to Columbia, begins publishing. Its editor, Thomas A. Cummings, is also the Order’s first national director of ceremonials.
Ladies’ auxiliaries begin to emerge in the late 1890s.
6,000 Knights march in an 1892 Columbus Day parade in New Haven; nearly 40,000 people attend
The Vatican’s first acknowledgement of the Knights comes in 1895, when Archbishop Francesco Satolli, apostolic delegate to the United States writes a letter extolling the “merits of this splendid Catholic organization” and giving the Order his apostolic blessing.
James E. Hayes, the Order’s third supreme knight (1897-98), joins the Knights in Massachusetts in 1892; during his tenure as a district deputy and state deputy, he presides over the institution of 75 councils.
John J. Cone succeeds Hayes and serves from 1898-99; he is a member for less than three years when he is elected supreme knight.
Under Cone’s leadership, the Knights subscribe to war bonds to support the Spanish-American War; at his direction, soldiers and sailors are not disqualified from being insurance members.
On Nov.25, 1897, Canada’s first council – Montreal Council 284 – is chartered. By 1905, the Order is established in every U.S. state, five Canadian provinces, Mexico, the Philippines and is soon to enter Puerto Rico and Cuba.
Writing in the The Columbiad in 1898, a year before he was elected supreme knight, Edward L. Hearn says a Knight should live according to the virtues of loyalty, charity, courtesy and modesty, “self- denial and a careful respect for the feelings of others.”
Hearn’s administration modernizes the Order’s insurance program, employing mortality tables and other tools of commercial insurers.



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