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125 Years in Review

Did you know that the Knights of Columbus first came to the Vatican’s attention in 1895, only 13 years after its founding? Or that after World War I, more than 20,000 returning servicemen enrolled in vocational training programs sponsored by the Knights? Or that the Order published and distributed some 5 million pamphlets outlining the persecution of the Church in Mexico during the early 20th century? Or that the Knights was involved in projects to promote interracial harmony during the 1960s and ’70s?

Members with a long record of service to the Order or a keen interest in U.S., Church or world history might be familiar with these facts. As the Knights’ 125th year gets under way, we present 125 important events from 1882 to today. Whether they highlight a financial donation, the mobilization of Knights for a special project, or a groundbreaking initiative, these events paint a picture of an order of Catholic lay men always ready to be of service to Church and country.

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125 Years in Review
The McGivney Legacy
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