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To calculate your estimated monthly loan payment, select a country and enter the loan amount and the length of the loan in the fields below. The interest rate will populate automatically.

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United States and US Territories
 * 4.68%  
*Assuming a fully amortized loan
US Rates Canadian Rates
Term Interest Rate Term Interest Rate
5 Years 3.75% 5 Years 3.08%
10 Years 4.08% 10 Years 3.26%
15 Years 4.36% 15 Years 3.63%
20 Years 4.44% 20 Years 3.79%
Rates as of: 02-08-2016

ChurchLoan interest rates are subject to change based on market conditions and the particular loan structure and are set at the end of the week preceding loan closing. Interest rates posted above are current only for the date indicated. The interest rate for your loan may be different.