Catechism and Faith Formation Courses

Online Courses

Two instructional courses about the Catholic faith are available. Each uses text from printed booklets in the Hart and Veritas series. A required login aids in tracking test results and keeps a user's place in the course upon return visits. The same login can be used for both courses.

The Luke E. Hart Series Course
This series is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It answers the questions: What does a Catholic believe?, How does a Catholic worship? and How does a Catholic live?

CIS Faith Formation Course (Based on the Veritas Series)
This course offers accurate information about the Church's faith, practices and devotions.

Correspondence Course

The Correspondence Course is informal in the sense that it is built around 10 booklets that were written precisely as booklets rather than as course lessons. These booklets are arranged in logical sequence so that they provide a series of readings in the basic beliefs of Catholics.