Contests and Promotions

Ahead of the Curve
One measure of a council’s success is achieving the Star Council Award. To achieve the Star Council Award, a council must reach its membership and insurance quota, be current in Supreme per capita, compliant with Safe Environment Training and complete forms 365 (Service Program Personnel Report), 1728 (Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity) and SP-7 (Columbian Award Application). College councils that meet all of these requirements will earn the Star Council Award which will be presented at next year’s College Councils Conference (September 28-30, 2018) in New Haven, Conn.

To earn recognition as a Star Council, a council must begin planning early and work hard throughout the year to complete each of the requirements. As your council works towards this goal, we have two contests this fall semester to keep you “ahead of the curve.”

Individual Council Contest
Each college council in the U.S. and Canada that meets 100% of its net membership quota by December 31 will receive $50. For each hundred-point threshold reached beyond 100% in that time, your council will earn an additional $50. If your council reaches 200%, your council will receive $100 total, if your council reaches 300%, your council will receive $150 total and so on.

Divisional Contest
In addition to the individual council level awards, college councils in the U.S. and Canada will be divided into groups based on council roster size as of July 1:

Division 1

200+ Members

Division 2

101-200 Members

Division 3

51-100 Members

Division 4

Less than 50 Members

The top three recruiting councils in each division will choose one of the following prizes:

  • a custom council banner
  • a grill and apron set
  • 25 Knights of Columbus t-shirts
  • 15 Knights of Columbus ties.

A council must have achieved at least 100% of its net membership quota to qualify.

Good luck this semester as your council works hard to stay “ahead of the curve!”