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Options for Graduating Members

Graduating Seniors

Now that you are graduating and likely moving off campus, you should consider all your options for Knights of Columbus membership: To stay in your college council or transfer into a parish council?

Option #1: Transfer into existing parish council or – if none exists – start one. If you are relocating, active membership in a local parish council can help you integrate into your new community. As a former college Knight, you are uniquely equipped to bring much needed energy and enthusiasm to your parish and community. You can contribute to existing projects, help them identify new opportunities and enjoy many benefits young adults experience as members of the Knights of Columbus.

Action step: Find a council or contact us for more information on the best councils in your area.

Option #2: Stay in your college council. You are free to stay in your college council, but it should only be a temporary measure. This makes the most sense if you live near campus or will move somewhere close upon graduation. There are other reasons too. Perhaps you are moving home temporarily. Maybe you prefer to wait until you are more established. Or you are just too busy right now.

Action Step: Make it a positive act by communicating your plans to your council’s leadership. Provide up-to-date contact information so your council and the Supreme Council can stay in touch annually. Be as active as you can and then, when the time comes, reassess your options.

Either choice keeps you informed and plugged in to Knights of Columbus news and events in your area, member benefits and opportunities to mentor and be mentored. No matter what you do, don’t forget that—unlike many other college activities,  such as college fraternities—Knights of Columbus membership is for life.