Special Considerations for College Councils

College Council Financial Secretary

Because of the frequent turnover of a college council membership, college councils are required to have a permanent member of the campus or local community for the position of financial secretary. This lends stability to the officer ranks of the college council.

District Deputy

By appointing district deputies who are eager to work with college council members and who are aware of the pressures associated with being a college student, the state deputy can help to ensure the continued progress of a college council's activities. Furthermore, by suggesting individuals other than students for the positions of financial secretary and trustee, the state deputy can ensure the continuity of leadership for an ever-changing membership. Through this active interest on the part of the state deputy, college councils can receive much needed assistance in addressing some of the unique challenges associated with member retention and program development.

State College Council Coordinator

States with college councils or states looking to initiate a college council program should consider appointing a person to promote, oversee, and coordinate the college council program in the jurisdiction. The State College Council Coordinator should work closely with college council officers and district deputies while being the liaison between the individual college councils and the state. Though not a requirement, it is suggested that the coordinator be a graduate of the college council program and/or an individual who can relate to college students.