December 2010 - Featured Articles

  • Let The Word Go Forth

    by Columbia Staff

    Reflections about how President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address continues to challenge and inspire 50 years later.

  • The Quiet Consensus

    by Matthew St. John

    The supreme knight's new book highlights moral agreement on a number of issues thought to be divisive.

  • The Depths of Faith

    by Shari Biediger

    Grace, a novel plan and the determination of a Texas Knight combined to unearth the Chilean miners.

  • Charity in the Face of Tragedy

    by Scott Alessi

    Providing flood relief and seeking interreligious dialogue, Catholics in Pakistan respond in faith.

  • Exploring Narnia

    by Alton Pelowski

    An interview with Douglas Gresham about C.S. Lewis and his Christian imagination.

  • A Life-Changing Faith

    by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

    Although the world stands in judgment of the Gospel, we must allow Christ to transform our lives.

  • In Defense of Human Life

    by Supreme Chaplain Bishop William E. Lori

    We are commanded to protect and promote the gift of human life at all of its stages.