January 2012

  • Love Without Limits

    by Colleen Rouleau

    Amid the challenges of caring for children with Down syndrome, families experience unexpected blessings.

  • Converted Hearts

    by Carolee McGrath

    Pro-life converts share their stories about how prayerful witness pulled them out of the abortion industry.

  • We Will Be a Family

    by Carlos Gamundi

    Adoption and ethical fertility treatments gave us hope that we would welcome the gift of children.

  • Everyday Activism

    by Robert A. Destro

    The pro-life movement needs witnesses to act through personal relationships and daily actions.

  • When a Heart Attack Hits Home

    by Kathleen M. Gallagher

    Considering the importance of end-of-life decisions, we all need to have an emergency plan.

  • Matters of Life and Death

    by Jason Negri

    Assisted suicide as a medical treatment fails to respect patients’ rights and dignity.

  • In Defense of Life, Love, and Freedom

    by Alton Pelowski

    Prof. Helen Alvaré discusses religious liberty and the effect of a 50-year social experiment shaping views about human life and sexuality.

  • Standing for Justice

    by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

    Because it conflicts with the natural moral law, Roe v. Wade can never be regarded as “settled”.

  • The Wedding Feast at Cana

    by Supreme Chaplain Bishop William E. Lori

    The second luminous mystery of the rosary foreshadows Jesus’ saving death and resurrection.