June 2012

  • God’s Servant First

    by Dominican Father Dominic Legge

    St. Thomas More, patron of statesmen and politicians, serves as a model of charity, courage and fidelity today.

  • A Father’s Sacrifice

    by Father Thomas Vander Woude

    In life and death, my father taught me by his actions what it means to love sacrificially.

  • Freedom and Our Religious Heritage

    by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

    The future of the United States depends upon upholding its founding Judeo-Christian principles.

  • The Admiral’s Memorial

    by Patrick Scalisi

    The Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain in Washington, D.C., celebrates 100 years.

  • Why Columbus Sailed

    by Alton Pelowski

    An interview about Christopher Columbus and the religious motivations for his journey.

  • Treating Disorders, Transforming Lives

    by Jeannette Cooperman

    A K of C-sponsored developmental center is expanding after more than three decades of helping children and families.

  • Answering the Bishops’ Call

    by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

    As the strong right arm of the Church, Knights are called to pray for and defend religious liberty.

  • Fortnight for Freedom

    by Supreme Chaplain Bishop William E. Lori

    We turn to the Lord amid the challenge to defend religious liberty against secularism.