January 2013

  • Our Moral Responsibility

    by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

    Beyond questions of politics, abortion fundamentally remains a moral issue that Christians have a duty to oppose

  • Faith, Reason and Human Life

    by Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori

    Reason and faith help us to recognize a person’s humanity and dignity from the earliest stages of life

  • We March Onward

    by Alton J. Pelowski

    An interview with Jeanne Monahan about the history and future of the annual March for Life

  • The Blessing of New Life

    by Joseph Pronechen

    The new rite of blessing for unborn children helps the Church to celebrate the gift of life and reach out to expectant parents

  • Mom’s the Word

    by Alexandra M. Wright

    Assisted by the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative, Women’s Care Center helps women to choose life

  • A Home of Healing

    by Terese Bower McIlvain

    The Father Michael McGivney Center provides physical, emotional and spiritual support for mothers in need

  • A Legacy of Heartache

    by Carolee McGrath

    After 40 years of anguish and sorrow in the name of choice, Roe v. Wade is far from settled law.

  • Running for Their Lives

    by Jennifer Brinker

    The national LIFE Runners team hits the pavement to raise awareness of life issues.