‘Blessing From God’ -- Tennessee State Deputy Looks At Convention

Reflecting on the 125th Supreme Council Convention, Tennessee State Deputy William Wicke said the key to the event’s success was “the 440 volunteers from our state who worked above and beyond the call, all in the true spirit of the Knights of Columbus – charity, unity and fraternity. We have been working on this convention for more than three years, and we all pulled together for that big push at the end when everything had to get done.”

The success of the Supreme Council Meeting, held in the state’s capital, shows that “Nashville is a 21st century city,” Wicke commented. “We didn’t know at the start that we could do this because Tennessee is a small jurisdiction by comparison to many others within the Knights. But I think this puts this city and our state council on the map. We’re high tech, well-organized and we want to show people that we can do it with southern hospitality.”

Wicke’s wife, Janet, also worked countless hours on the convention. “This has been a seven-day a week, 24-hour a day commitment for more than three years,” she said. “I look at all this as a blessing from God. This is a showcase for the South, showing the growth of Church and the growth of the Order in this area. Bringing the Knights of Columbus Convention here, I think, was a divine appointment, and God has been with us.”