Formation Program Discussed as 40 Chaplains Share Ideas

Bishop William E. Lori

Bishop William E. Lori

Nearly 40 Knights of Columbus council chaplains attending the convention turned out for a meeting hosted by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and Supreme Chaplain William Lori.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the role of the chaplain within local councils and within the Order in general.

The Supreme Knight highlighted a new spiritual and faith formation program that will involve K of C chaplains more directly in the life and spiritual activities of members at the council level. The formation program was announced by Bishop Lori in the August issue of Columbia magazine titled Igniting a Spiritual Spark.

 In the column, Bishop Lori laid out the need for a “men’s spirituality” that will bring men closer to the Church and the sacraments.

At the meeting, Supreme Knight Anderson said that the potential for growth of the Order is great, but recruiting new members will have little effect if new members do not know as much about the Catholic faith as they should. The spiritual and faith formation program will help address the issue of male spirituality and catechesis in the faith, he said.

“The Knights, with all its resources, can be a leader in this area,” said Bishop Lori, who will direct the new program through his monthly Columbia column. “Chaplains have always been involved in the formation of the Knights in their councils, and we hope to add to their efforts in a more systematic, programmatic way.”

Chaplains expressed their satisfaction with the program and voiced their willingness to share their ideas with the Supreme Chaplain and to call attention to his column at council meetings.