Membership and Recruitment Awards

Star Council Award

The Star Council Award is the highest distinction any council can realize. It takes into consideration membership and insurance growth as well as programming activities reported in each of the five program categories of our “Surge...with Service” program.

At the end of the 2007-2008 fraternal year, 1,212 councils achieved Star Council status. Additionally, 461 councils met both the membership and insurance quotas, but they did not perform their fraternal activities or did not complete the Columbian Award report form, thus depriving them of Star Council status.

We continue to urge all grand knights to give closer attention to completing and submitting their Columbian Award Application before the June 30 deadline.

Grand Knight and Mrs. Joseph A. Novakowski from Grand Prairie (Alberta) Council 3241 won the grand prize drawing for Star Council grand knights, winning a trip to the supreme convention.

Three Star Council grand knights and their wives were selected in a drawing for a trip to New Haven during the fall of 2008:

  • Paul L. Wykowski of De La Salle Council 619 in Keokuk, Iowa
  • Ramon A. Jimenez of Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. McGivney Council 12615 in Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Richard G. Poole of Holy Apostles Council 13186 in East Wenatchee, Washington

The five jurisdictions with the highest number of Star Council winners were:

  • Texas  103
  • Luzon  98
  • California 63
  • Michigan 59
  • Illinois 53

A total of 852 councils won the Founders’ Award, which is earned for excellence in insurance promotion and attainment of the council’s insurance quota.


Columbian Award

The Columbian Award is presented to councils that have shown an outstanding effort in conducting at least 20 Service Program activities (four in each category: Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth) was earned by 1,913 councils.


Father McGivney Award

A total of 2,441 councils earned the Father McGivney Award, which recognizes outstanding recruitment and retention efforts.


Founders’ Award

A total of 852 councils won the Founders’ Award, which is earned for excellence in insurance promotion and attainment of the council’s insurance quota.


Star District Awards

District deputies are responsible for ensuring the growth of the Order and the attainment of Star District status is the ultimate goal of every district deputy. Star District Award goes to district deputies attaining 100 percent or more of their district’s membership and insurance quotas. A total of 543 district deputies qualified for the Star District Award during the 2007-2008 fraternal year, an increase of 14 from last year. Award winners receive a wall plaque with a Star District medallion.

The district deputies who attained Star District status during the fraternal year were entered into a drawing for one of four incentive trips for their efforts. District deputies received additional entries into this drawing for each council that attained Star Council within their district.

State Deputy and Mrs. Daniel J. Baker escorted District Deputy and Mrs. Gene M. Brannon from District #18 in Georgia to the podium when he was recognized for his efforts in not only attaining Star District status during the fraternal year, but also in attaining All Star District status by having all of the councils in his district attain Star Council status. 

The three runner-up district deputies winning a trip to New Haven were: John C. Crigler (Illinois District #2) Eugene J. Reilly (New Jersey District #40) Sean Sullivan (California District #2).

The following jurisdictions had the highest number of Star District winners: Luzon (116) Visayas (66) Mindanao (54) Texas (28) California (25).


Every Council Active

The Every Council Active program is designed to encourage all councils to recruit at least one new member during the fraternal year. During the 2007-2008 fraternal year, 9,800 councils brought in at least one new member. Unfortunately a total of 3,635 councils failed to achieve this goal, which is an increase of 116 councils from last year.

All state deputies are encouraged to strive towards attaining Every Council Active status during their term in office.