Membership and Recruitment Awards

Columbian Squires Awards

The Columbian Squires reached an all-time high in the number of circles on active status last fraternal year. Two jurisdictions, in particular, led the Order in growth.

Luzon achieved the greatest gain in Squires membership recruitment, posting a net gain of 1,790 Squires to end the fraternal year with 11,015 Squires. Luzon also had a net gain in circles of nine, the highest net gain in circles in the Order. Awards were presented to Luzon Deputy and Mrs. Alonso L. Tan and  Luzon Squires Chairman Jose F. Cuaresma in recognition of these outstanding achievements,. 

Also posting exceptional membership and circle growth this year was Virginia, which recruited a net of 70 Squires, thus leading the Order with a percentage net gain in membership of 64 percent. Virginia also led the Order with a 37.5 percent net gain in new circles. Virginia Past State Deputy Leonardo P. Pulizzi, and Jason A. Seiler, the state squires chairman., received awards in recognition of these achievements.