Membership and Recruitment Awards

‘Follow Me – Help Us Build Up the Church’ 2008-09 Membership Campaign

During the 2008-09 fraternal year, each Knight was charged with the task of asking other Catholic men to “Follow Me – Help Us Build Up the Church.” Councils were asked to share with other Catholic men and their families the many benefits of membership in the Order by asking them to join, and thus making the Knights of Columbus stronger than ever before.

During this campaign, all recruiters received 500 recruitment reward points for every new or readmitted member they recruited into the Order. These points are redeemable for Knights of Columbus merchandise through the Supreme Council Supply Department. Points were awarded to 32,939 recruiters for their efforts in asking eligible Catholic men to join the Order.. 

Top Recruiter

As a special recruitment incentive, the Order’s Top Recruiter for the fraternal year received a trip to the Supreme Convention in Phoenix.

This year, the Order honored Past Alberta State Deputy Walter N. Streit, who brought in 204 new members last year while maintaining a rigorous schedule as  state deputy.

State Deputy and Mrs. Neil C. Gannon from Alberta escorted Past State Deputy and Mrs. Streit to the stage to be recognized as the 2008-09 fraternal year’s recipient of the Orderwide Top Recruiter Award.

Century Club

Councils that add 100 members over suspensions and withdrawals are eligible for the Order’s prestigious Century Club Award. This year, six councils qualified for the Century Club Award, accounting for 810 new members.

The Century Club Award winners are:

  1. Council 7813: Allacapan Cagayan, Luzon – 231 members
  2. Council 3632: Verona, New Jersey – 151 members
  3. Council 1000: Manila, Luzon – 111 members
  4. Council 799: Dallas, Texas – 108 members
  5. Council 4074: Guimba Nueva Ecija, Luzon – 107 members
  6. Council 8238: Yorba Linda, California – 102 members.