Membership and Recruitment Awards

Columbian Squires Awards

This past year, three jurisdictions in particular led our official youth organization, the Columbian Squires, in growth, helping the program to reach an all-time high in the number of active circles.

Connecticut had the greatest net percentage gain in new circles, adding three circles for a gain of 37.5 percent. Connecticut also achieved a 47 percent gain in membership, the highest net percentage gain in membership throughout the Order. For these two outstanding achievements, State Deputy and Mrs. Scott A. Flood accepted the award, as well as one for State Squires Chairman Vincent Esposito.

Luzon achieved the greatest gain in Squires membership recruitment, posting a net gain of 2,617 Squires to end the fraternal year with 11,352 Squires. In recognition of this achievement, Luzon Deputy and Mrs. Alonso L. Tan accepted the award and an award on behalf of Luzon Squires Chairman Jose Cuaresma.

Visayas had a net gain of 20 circles this year, the highest net gain in circles in the Order. In recognition of the jurisdiction’s achievement in new circle development, Visayas Deputy and Mrs. Dionisio R. Esteban, Jr., accepted the award and an award on behalf of Wenceslao Canete, state Squires chairman.