Celebrating the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate

Resolution on Celebrating the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate adopted by the 127th Supreme Convention on Aug. 6, 2009.

127th Supreme Convention

WHEREAS, on July 7, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI issued the encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate (Love in Truth), in which he calls for an ethical and principled approach to economic and social responsibilities; and

WHEREAS, in the encyclical the Holy Father asserts that charity in truth is the principle driving force behind the authentic development of every person and of all humanity; and

WHEREAS, Pope Benedict reminds us that in order to function correctly, the economy needs ethics that are “people-centered”; and

WHEREAS, the encyclical reminds us that Catholic Social doctrine and the Church’s commitment to defending life arise from the same source: that is, the inalienable dignity of every human being; and 

WHEREAS, the Holy Father links sustainable development to respect for human life, saying: “Openness to life is at the center of true development. When a society moves toward the denial or suppression of life, it ends up no longer finding the necessary motivation and energy to strive for man’s good”; and

WHEREAS, Pope Benedict asserts that true development is impossible without “upright men and women, without financiers and politicians whose consciences are finely attuned to the requirements of the common good” and who possess both “professional competence and moral consistency”; and

WHEREAS, throughout its 127-year history, the Knights of Columbus has always made the needs and care of its members and their families its first priority; and

WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus has been consistently recognized as an insurance industry leader in ethical standards and practices by the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association; and

WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus has been consistently recognized for its professional competence, receiving top ratings from both Standard & Poors and A.M. Best;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Knights of Columbus expresses its deep appreciation to the Holy Father for the timely publication of the encyclical Caritas in Veritate; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Order will seek to promote authentic and sustainable economic development through its unyielding efforts to defend the inviolable dignity of every human life; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Knights of Columbus will continue to place the common good of society and the needs of our members and their families at the center of all our business decisions and ethical practices.