States Dinner Greeting

Greeting by His Excellency Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D.
Archbishop of Washington

128th Supreme Convention
States Dinner
August 3, 2010

Archbishop Donald Wuerl

Your Eminences
Your Excellencies
Brother archbishops and bishops
Brother priests
Women and men in consecrated life
Worthy Supreme Knight and officers of the Knights of Columbus
Brother Knights of Columbus and your families
Distinguished guests and visitors

It is my great joy and privilege to welcome all of you to Washington.

With all of the faithful of this great Archdiocese, I greet you in the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  My hope is that your time spent here will be both productive on behalf of our Order and a moment of spiritual renewal as well.

This is a city of contrasts and monuments.  At one end of this federal district stands the Capitol building with its huge and imposing dome, a symbol of American freedom and our representative democracy.  It is the building erected by “We the People…”

Across town there rises another great building, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception with its magnificent dome reminding us that in the midst of all we are and do, thanks to the faith and love of the Virgin Mary, God is with us.  We are a people of faith.  We are God’s people.

Not all that far from here, in 1634, the first Catholics arrived in the colonies that later formed the United States. 

The celebration of Mass at Saint Clement’s Island, March 25, 1634 marked the beginning of an unbroken line of continuity in faith and worship that we in this archdiocese hope is made manifest to all of you during your stay with us. 

From those modest beginnings has come forth a Church truly representative of the Gospel’s message of faith in Christ, hope in the Gospel and love of God and neighbor.

The Church that welcomes you this evening embraces people from every continent and numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

As do all of us in this room, so does this local community that greets and welcomes you reflect the breadth and width of the Church and of our Order.

As you come together for this Supreme Convention, know that as we welcome you, we look to you, Brother Knights and your families, to continue that witness and example of faith and service that enriches us, as well, and is a blessing throughout the world.

Welcome! May God bless this convention and the Knights of Columbus.