To Be a Patriot Awards

Developed in 1985, the “To Be a Patriot” Award annually recognizes the top three single best patriotic programs conducted by Fourth Degree assemblies each fraternal year.

Entries are submitted to the Fourth Degree masters to determine the best program in each district. These are sent to the vice supreme masters, who select the best program in their respective provinces.

Provincial winners are sent to the supreme master who appoints a committee of judges to select the top three international patriotic program winners.

The 2009-10 international awardees, chosen from the provincial entries are:

General Emilio Aguinaldo Assembly 1438
Ferdinand Magellan Province
Cavite City, Luzon
K of C Patriotic Day

In celebration of the 112th Philippine Independence Day, Fourth Degree Knights from Assembly1438 participated in celebrations at the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite. The assembly’s color corps carried the “Evolution of the Revolutionary Flags” display and the Philippine Holiday Flag in the event’s parade. The ceremony ended with a wreath laying at the President Aguinaldo Shrine.

Holy Cross Assembly 2048
Bienville Province
Germantown, Tenn.
Veteran’s Day School Program

As part of Veteran’s Day celebration, members of Assembly 2048 presented an hour-long program to students. The program covered the history of the U.S. Flag, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Monroe Doctrine and the Gettysburg Address. In addition, the Knights spoke about the history of the Fourth Degree, the meaning of the folds on flag-draped coffins, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the MIA/POW flag.

Our Lady of Charity Assembly 3089
DeSoto Province
Sarasota, Fla.
Veterans Funerals Program

To ensure that indigent veterans, and those with no family, have someone available at their funeral to accept the U.S. Flag during the ceremony, Assembly 3089 began a program where Knights would begin attending the funerals. During the services, an assembly member dressed in tuxedo with the social baldric accepts the veteran’s flag as a show of honor to those who served their country.