Convention Insider

On to Denver

In the closing session Thursday morning, it was announced that the 129th Supreme Convention will be held the first week of August 2011, in Denver.

Advocate for Immigrants

In the final session on Thursday, Bishop Placido Rodriguez, C.M.F., of Lubbock, Texas, spoke in English and Spanish on behalf of the immigrants to the United States.

Podcast - Brian Simer, State Deputy 

In this podcast, Brian Simer, Idaho state deputy, talks about the appeal of the Order to young men. He is shown with his wife, Cheryl, and their 12-year-old son, Trevor.

Eminent Humor

At the beginning of the Wednesday morning business session, a number of members of the hierarchy offered brief reflections to the delegates.

States Dinner

Flags and Fanfare

The fun and festive States Dinner brought together delegates, families and guests who sat according their countries and states, waving flags and singing songs along with the band. National anthems were played, including the official song of Vatican City State.

Jason Dombrowski

Young Knight Makes a Difference

What do you do when you’re young, college educated, tech savvy and out to change the world? You join the Knights of Columbus.


New Monstrance on Display

The adoration chapel each year has been a calm area amid the storm of convention activity. This year, the chapel has an added feature – a new tabernacle and monstrance attached atop with the Blessed Sacrament exposed for all to see. In past years the consecrated host was reposed within the tabernacle.

Building a Better World

Building a Better World

The depth and breadth of the works of the Knights of Columbus are on display in the main lobby of the convention hotel, telling an impressive story of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism over the course of more than a century.

Insurance Umbrellas

Insurance Program: Ready for a Rainy Day

There’s nothing like the protection of an umbrella on a rainy day. When the skies opened on Sunday afternoon in Washington, D.C., hundreds of delegates and their families were happy to have the Knights of Columbus umbrellas that are being given away at the insurance promotional booth.

Sightseeing in D.C. by Stephen, age 9

While the delegates were busy doing the business of the Order in meetings and caucuses, their families were going on tours around the District of Columbia. Here is one account from a 9-year-old reporter.

McNally Family

A Family Affair

Families are the centerpiece of the annual convention, just as they are everyday throughout the Knights of Columbus. That is why the Order calls itself a Catholic family fraternal organization.

Anthony Colbert

He Starts the Convention with Song

The Opening Ode is a hearty and inspirational tune that each year gets the Supreme Convention off to a rousing start. Extolling the courage and virtues of Christopher Columbus, the song recalls the founding spirit of the Knights of Columbus and encourages members to rise to higher achievements.

Peter A. Gabauer

Convention HQ Alive with Activity

The 128th Supreme Convention does not officially begin until Tuesday, August 3, but convention headquarters is already in full swing. In fact, Knights of Columbus in Washington, D.C., have been in preparation mode for the better part of a year.