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    The Order’s insurance program is an integral part of Father McGivney’s vision for the Knights of Columbus, and its continued success is due to the outstanding performances by our general agents and field agents.

    These men make it their business to provide needed life insurance protection to our members and their families.

    The men of our field force are devoted and concerned advisors professionally trained to be of service to brother Knights and their families. They are second-to-none in their willingness to help a fellow member learn how our top-rated products can protect him and his family.

    Attending this convention as special guests of the Order’s Board of Directors in recognition of their outstanding performance and as representatives of all the fine work performed by their fellow agents are four representatives of that field force: our two leading general agents and two leading field agents for the calendar year 2010.

    The two leading general agents were:

    Top General Agent – Marc G. Bouchard of Alberta, Canada   Top #2 General Agent – Kevin G. Pfeifer of Nebraska

    1. Marc Bouchard (shown with his wife Diana) of Alberta, Canada finished the year at 196 percent of quota with a volume per member of $15,532, making him the top general agent. His total gross volume was $262,429,000.


    2. Kevin Pfeifer (with his wife Cindy) of Nebraska was the number two general agent, finishing the year at 179 percent of quota with a volume per member of $11,194. His total gross volume was $176,867,000.

    The eight general agents who, with Marc and Kevin, were our top 10 managers in 2010 were:

    Top General Agents
    General Agent/Jurisdiction Volume Per Member % of Quota Gross Volume

     Gilles Duval (Ontario)

     $5,698  172  $59,289,000

     Greg A. Rackers (Missouri)

      $9,812  170  $95,782,000

     George A. Spinnelli (Kansas)

     $9,998  164  $114,023,000

     Joseph R. ven der Buhs  (British Columbia)

      $10,843  155  $115,685,000

     Harry J. Cantor (D.C, Maryland, Virginia)

     $7,925  148  $127,331,000

     John A. Mahon (Kansas)

     $10,415  147  $133,512,000

     Ben Baca (California, Hawaii)

     $10,525  144  $185,997,000

     Robert S. Marlowe (Maryland)

     $6,981  141  $103,060,000

    Our leading field agents were:

    Top Field Agent - Marvin Doerhoff of the Rackers Agency in Missouri   Top #2 Field Agent - Neil Bouvier of the Marc Bouchard Agency in Alberta, Canada

    1. Marvin Doerhoff (accompanied by his wife Ethel) of the Rackers Agency in Missouri, was the Order top field agent, having met 544 percent of his quota with a volume per member of $17,361 and a total gross volume of $19,080,000.


    2. Neil Bouvier (shown with his wife Myriam Gosselin) of the Marc Bouchard Agency in Alberta, Canada, was the number two field agent having met 427 percent of his quota with a volume per member of $17,662 and a total gross volume of $16,232,000.

    Rounding out the 2010 top 10 list of producers were:

    Top Producers - Field Agents
    Field Agent/Jurisdiction Volume Per Member % of Quota Gross Volume

    William C. Lewcuk (M. Bouchard Agency, Alberta)




    John J. Stoeckinger (Pfeifer Agency, Nebraska)




    Robert W. Abbate (Choate Agency, Virginia)




    Eric S. Ottemann (Seideman Agency, Texas)




    Kevin A. Paish (M. Bouchard Agency, Alberta)




    Stephen E. Regan (Schachle Agency, Tennessee)




    Chuck Larter  (Madore Agency, Ontario)




    Achievement Award

    In addition to those general and field agents listed as leaders, a special achievement award in the form of an engraved plaque is presented to all agents who equal or exceed 100 percent of their assigned quota for the calendar year. In 2010, 36 general agents and 269 field agents earned this award..

    Agency Incentive Award

    It is also customary to reward our top-producing general and field agents through an incentive award program at the end of each year. The 2010 award was a 10-day cruise to the Panama Canal. Taking the trip were 38 general agents and 140 field agents, along with their wives.

    Supreme Knight’s Sales Club
    In 2010, the top 21 general agents and top 57 field agents were recognized as members of the Supreme Knight’s Sales Club. All received attractive lapel pins with an appropriate diamond inset. Seven general agents have qualified for the Sales Club for more than 20 consecutive years.