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    Circle of Honor

    The Supreme Knight’s Circle of Honor Award recognizes state deputy performance based on achievement of 100 percent or more of their intake quota for the fraternal year. Winners of the Circle of Honor will be guests of the Board of Directors for a week-long stay at the J.W. Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Poland with 125.13 Percent
    State Deputy Krzysztof Orzechowski

    Idaho with 115.59 Percent
    *Past State Deputy Brian W. Simer

    New Mexico with 111.67 Percent
    *Past State Deputy Joseph W. Pozzi

    Manitoba with 108.00 Percent
    Past State Deputy Guy M. Precourt

    Hawaii with 108.00 Percent
    *Past State Deputy Stanley A. Maria

    South Carolina with 106.73 Percent
    State Deputy Thomas M. Monahon

    Virginia with 105.25 Percent
    Past State Deputy William J. McCarthy

    Washington with 104.84 Percent
    *Past State Deputy John M. Wallace

    Dominican Republic with 103.61 Percent
    *Past State Deputy José A. Mendoza

    Georgia with 102.00 Percent
    *Past State Deputy James C. St. John

    Florida with 102.95 Percent
    *Past State Deputy Douglas J. Murray

    Texas with 101.67 Percent
    State Deputy Anton A. Herreth

    Tennessee with 101.63 Percent
    Past State Deputy Robert H. Rounsefell

    California with 101.40 Percent
    Past State Deputy Ivan A. Reek

    District of Columbia with 101.18 Percent
    State Deputy Peter A. Gabauer, Jr.

    Alabama with 100.95 Percent
    State Deputy Raymond M. Carney

    Oklahoma with 100.88 Percent
    Past State Deputy David A. Roewe

    British Columbia with 100.17 Percent
    *Past State Deputy Michael Yeo

    Alberta with 100.13 Percent
    *Past State Deputy Neil C. Gannon

    Guam with 100.00 Percent
    State Deputy Francisco A. Florig

    * Denotes a consecutive-year winner

    We would like to mention that the jurisdictions of California and Texas have made Circle of Honor in each of the 21 years that the program has been in place.

    Pinnacle Award

    The Pinnacle Award includes Recruitment, New Council Development, Round Tables and Council Reactivation. Each of the above areas were assigned a quota for each state deputy to achieve.

    When the state deputy meets all four of his Circle of Honor goals and attains 110 percent or more of his membership quota, he receives the Supreme Knight’s Pinnacle Award. For 2010-11, two jurisdictions met and exceeded all of their required goals.

    125.13 percent in membership
    16 new councils
    No councils under suspension

    115.59 percent in membership
    1 new council
    1 council reactivation
    28 round tables established