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    Columbian Squires Awards

    Columbian Squires emblem

    This past year, three jurisdictions led our official youth organization, the Columbian Squires, in growth, helping the program to reach an all-time high number of active circles.

    Missouri, under the leadership of State Deputy John Appelbaum and State Squires Chairman Michael Auchly, had the highest percentage net gain in new circles, adding three circles for a gain of 75 percent.

    Past State Deputy Scott A. Flood and State Squires Chairman Anthony Decaprio led Connecticut in an outstanding job of achieving a 62.4 percent gain in Squires membership, representing a net gain of 88 new Squires.

    Luzon achieved the highest gain in Squires membership, posting a net gain of 1,692 Squires to end the fraternal year with 10,758 Squires. Past Luzon
    Deputy Alonso L. Tan and Luzon Squires Chairman Jose Cuaresma also led Luzon to the top net gain of circles with an outstanding 29 new circles.