Recruitment Awards

VIP Club

The “VIP” (“Very Important Proposers”) Club has grown tremendously since its establishment.

The “VIP” program invites every Knight to join its prestigious ranks of outstanding recruiters.

Membership is open to any Knight who recruits at least two new members and reports them to the Supreme Council office. Club members advance through the ranks as they recruit new Knights.

Membership in the “VIP” Club as of June 30, 2011, stood at 119,315 Knights, who have recruited 809,867 new Knights. To date, 47 members have reached the 200-member level; eleven have reached the 300-member level; and five have reached the 400-member level. We now have six brother Knights at or above the 500-member level:

Jurisdictions with the most “VIP” Club members are:

New York – 5,705

Michigan – 5,255

Illinois – 4,415

Mindanao – 4,408

Quebec – 4,314

Florida – 4,254

New Jersey – 4,230