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    A Heavenly Experience

    On Monday, about 100 Knights and their families made a more physical climb by journeying high into the Rockies as they toured the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak and the Garden of the Gods.

    Young Squires Assist at Convention
    The future of the Knights of Columbus was on display when members of the Colorado Columbian Squires turned out on Sunday at the convention hotel to greet arriving delegates and families.
    Pilgrims Enjoy Rocky Mountain Tour
    Leaving the Mile High City early on Saturday morning, a bus load of Knights of Columbus and their families went even deeper and higher into the Rockies on a scheduled convention tour to three popular attractions: the Shrine of Mother Cabrini, the Red Rock Amphitheatre and the Coors Brewery.
    Convention Chairmen Are Prepared
    Price Hatcher and Roger Muller stood at the center of a whirl of activity like the calm eye of a storm. The two are co-chairmen of the Denver convention, and it was a tribute to their organizational skills, exercised in meetings over the past 18 months, that they were able observe their painstaking plans in operation.
    The Knights and the Cathedral
    Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica in downtown Denver is a pilgrimage site for Knights and their families during the convention.
    Wives Work Hard Behind the Scenes
    As 2,000 Knights and family members arrive in Denver for the 129th Supreme Convention, they’ll find that a significant amount of the convention’s volunteer “manpower” comes from K of C wives.