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    Convention Insider

    Jess Lovi and Nicholas Martin were among the Columbian Squires helping at the convention.

    The future of the Knights of Columbus was on display when members of the Colorado Columbian Squires turned out on Sunday at the convention hotel to greet arriving delegates and families.

    “I enjoy helping out doing community service,” said Nicholas Martin, a 15-year-old bursar of Fountain Valley Circle 2798. “This is a great way to meet people from all over the world.” Wearing a blue vest with the Squires emblem and the motto “Esto Dignus” (Be Worthy), Martin said, “I feel proud to be part of the Squires.”

    At the instruction of State Deputy Roger Muller, State Squires Chairman Walter Parsons invited all circles throughout Colorado to help out at the convention. The Squires program is for boys 10 to 18 years of age. Also helping were girls from the Junior Catholic Daughters of America.

    “Being here will help our Squires receive recognition, and make them interested in what they can get involved with when they become a Knight at 18,” said Ken Stewart, chief counselor of Circle 2798. He just became chief counselor on July 1st, and when he heard about the opportunity to serve at the convention, he thought, “This will be the first thing that we’ll do together as a circle. You don’t get many chances to meet and greet people from all around the world.”

    In addition to serving as bursar for the circle, Martin is involved in the Squires Advancement Program. He currently holds the rank of Page on his way to achieving the highest level - Squire of the Body of Christ. He is also a Boy Scout who is working toward Eagle Court of Honor.

    Parsons, who was a Squire himself in the early 1960s, proudly watched the boys greet and direct delegates at the registration area. “People have to realize that they are the future of the Knights of Columbus,” he said.