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    Resolution on Amending Section 125, Order of Business adopted by the 129th Supreme Convention on Aug. 4, 2011.

    129th Supreme Convention

    WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus was founded by an exemplary parish priest, pastor, and spiritual leader, Venerable Servant of God Michael McGivney; and

    WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus has always stood in solidarity with our Priests and Bishops; and

    WHEREAS, Knights of Columbus Councils have been blessed since the founding of the Order in 1882 to have thousands of priests serve as Council Chaplains,  providing moral and spiritual leadership and catechesis to generations of Knights and their families; and

    WHEREAS, members of the Knights of Columbus are mindful that their Council Chaplains have numerous demands upon their time, including liturgical, pastoral, and administrative responsibilities and duties; and

    WHEREAS, even with such numerous demands upon their time,  our Council Chaplains often go out of their way to attend council meetings for the purpose of providing moral and spiritual guidance and catechetical instruction to the members; and

    WHEREAS, Section 125 of the Laws of the Knights of Columbus  establishes the Chaplain’s Report as Item No. 13 in the Order of Business for a council meeting, which is in the middle of the meeting; and

    WHEREAS, in light of their other responsibilities and duties, it may be difficult or inconvenient for Council Chaplains to attend an entire council meeting or to wait until the middle of the meeting to address the members of the council regarding moral, spiritual, or catechetical matters;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that to enhance the Chaplain’s participation in council meetings to provide moral and spiritual leadership and catechetical instruction, Section 125 of the Laws of the Order shall be revised so that a Chaplain’s Message is designated as Item No. 7 in the Order of Business, replacing the Chaplain’s Report, and preceding the Reading of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting; and

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that we call upon our brother Knights to recognize and accommodate the time commitments of our beloved priests by allowing the Council Chaplain to provide his message at the beginning of the meeting, as described above, or at any other time during the meeting as may best fit the schedule of the Chaplain.