International Family of The Year

Membership and Recruitment Awards

Circle of Honor

The Supreme Knight’s Circle of Honor Award recognizes state deputy performance based on achievement of 100 percent or more of their intake quota for the fraternal year.

Winners of the Circle of Honor will be guests of the Board of Directors for a week-long stay at The Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Florida* with 100.78 Percent
State Deputy Christopher E. Kernan

Visayas with 100.87 Percent
Visayas Deputy Rodrigo N. Sorongon

Louisiana with 101.36 Percent
Past State Deputy Ronnie L. Boudreaux

Colorado with 102.19 Percent
State Deputy Roger G. Muller

Alabama* with 102.40 Percent
Past State Deputy Raymond M. Carney

Luzon with 102.42 Percent
Luzon Deputy Arsenio Isidro G. Yap

Dominican Republic* with 102.63 Percent
State Deputy Robin E. Santana Hirujo

Mindanao with 102.75 Percent
Mindanao Deputy Balbino C. Fauni

Iowa with 103.10 Percent
Past State Deputy Michael P. Laake

West Virginia with 103.70 Percent
Past State Deputy Darrell W. Capral

Nevada with 104.57 Percent
Past State Deputy David M. Ryan

Hawaii* with 104.58 Percent
State Deputy Michael P. Victorino

Kentucky with 105.04 Percent
Past State Deputy Richard D. Arnold

Manitoba* with 106.54 Percent
State Deputy Merlyn A. Onyschuk

South Carolina* with 106.73 Percent
Past State Deputy Thomas M. Monahon

Poland* with 112.00 Percent
State Deputy Krzysztof E. Orzechowski

Oregon with 115.25 Percent
State Deputy Patrick L. Rice

District of Columbia* with 116.47 Percent
Past State Deputy Peter A. Gabauer

Utah with 132.61 Percent
Past State Deputy Ray L. Lopez

* Denotes a consecutive-year winner

Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle Award includes Recruitment, New Council Development, Round Tables and Council Reactivation. Each of the above areas were assigned a quota for each state deputy to achieve.

When the state deputy meets all four of his Circle of Honor goals and attains 110 percent or more of his membership quota, he receives the Supreme Knight’s Pinnacle Award. For 2011– 2012 two jurisdictions met or exceeded all of their required goals.

112.00 percent in membership
10 new councils
No councils under suspension

132.61 percent in membership
1 new council
No councils under suspension
22 round tables established