International Family of The Year

Membership and Recruitment Awards

"Be Not Afraid!" 2011-2012 Blessed John Paul II Membership Campaign

The Blessed John Paul II membership campaign pays tribute to a close friend of our Order. Members that were recruiters were rewarded with a Blessed John Paul II commemorative medallion. Chaplains of councils who were membership active received a larger medallion. The Knights of Columbus worked closely with Blessed John Paul II throughout his papacy. During the 2011-2012 fraternal year members were encouraged to invite prospective members and their families to participate in council charitable service programs, where they would have the opportunity to set a good example as a lay leader, and give back, to help others in need.

Each new member allows a council to extend its charitable reach. That means even more food and clothing collected for families in need, and more successful fundraisers for charity. It also means that we can more effectively aid any local need! For generations, Knights of Columbus have served their communities. Our labor is an inspiring testament to our faith. This is a charity that evangelizes — this is our mission and our way of life. Councils are encouraged to continue involving prospective members in programs and activities — and to follow up by welcoming them into their council.

Top Recruiter

As a special recruitment incentive, the Order’s Top Recruiter for the fraternal year is invited to join us here in Anaheim, California.

This year, we honor a special recruiter who managed to bring in 194 new members this past fraternal year.

State Deputy Robin E. Santana Hirujo of the Dominican Republic is the 2011-2012 fraternal year’s recipient of the Orderwide Top Recruiter Award.

Century Club

Councils that add 100 members over suspensions and withdrawals are eligible for the Order’s prestigious Century Club Award.

This year’s Century Club award winner is:

Council 5234: Ballesteros Cagayan, Luzon — 104 members