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California Knights prepared long and hard for event

Convention Team Works Together

With 125 volunteers to coordinate, countless hours of preparation expended over the past year, and the inevitable last-minute problems that pop up with an event of this size and complexity, Pat Brown sometimes has found himself wondering “what I got myself into.”

Yet the Convention Committee Chairman admitted that all the effort pays off when delegates express their thanks and enthusiasm.

“So many people say nice things and that makes it all worth it,” he said. “People want to give me the credit, but we really have a great team working together and giving their all. Nothing would be done without them.”

Among the key staff members is his wife, Marlene, who is running the store that is stocked with religious items and Knights of Columbus promotional merchandise.  “She has a background in running a business so she has done a great job in setting up and organizing the California Store,” Brown added.

Brown was California state secretary ago when he was assigned to head up the Anaheim Convention. He was state treasurer in 2002, the last time the Supreme Convention was held in Anaheim.

“The great thing about the Knights is that everyone works together and makes a contribution,” he observed. “We are all just cogs in the wheel, but when we work together great things can happen. As Knights, that’s what we’re all about.”