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Membership and Recruitment Awards

Membership and Recruitment Awards

Top Recruiter

As a special recruitment incentive each year, the
Order’s top recruiter of the fraternal year is invited to the annual Supreme Convention.
This year, here in Philadelphia, we honor a special recruiter who managed to bring in 145 new members this past fraternal year. Jose Noel T. Alcubilla of Visayas is the 2014-2015 fraternal
year’s recipient of the Orderwide Top Recruiter Award.

The Order’s next top ten recruiters for 2014 -2015 are:

1. Armando C. Gonzales
recruited 86 members – Luzon
2. Dariusz Wolniak
recruited 86 members – Poland
3. Walter N. Streit
recruited 90 members – Alberta
4. Samuel G. Saul
recruited 91 members – Visayas
5. Joselito C. Guzman
recruited 98 members – Luzon
6. Danilo Leonor Martinez
recruited 99 members – Visayas
7. Rex E. Blanco
recruited 108 members – Luzon
8. Venauro U. Unson
recruited 108 members – Mindanao
9. Raymund S. Depol
recruited 110 members – Visayas
10. Francelito B. Delgado
recruited 132 members – Mindanao

Century Club Award

Councils that add 100 members over suspensions and withdrawals are eligible for the Order’s prestigious Century Club Award. This year’s Century Club Award winners are:

Council 15973: Macabalan
Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao
100 members
Council 14730: Pinecrest, Florida
101 members
Council 9353: Parada, Santa Maria
Bulacan, Luzon
103 members
Council 13776: Colgante Apalit
Pampanga, Luzon
104 members
Council 6775: Cruz Na Daan
San Rafael, Luzon
104 members
Council 8449: Gattaran Cagayan, Luzon
105 members
Council 11885: Caglayan Conner Apayao, Luzon
105 members
Council 10383: Sampaloc, Luzon
110 members
Council 12608: Doña Soledad Sub, Mindanao
117 members
Council 9480: El Salvador Misamis, Mindanao
117 members
Council 10695: Gen T de Leon Valenzuela, Luzon
120 members
Council 3504: Cotabato, Mindanao
136 members

VIP Club

The VIP (Very Important Proposers) Club is made up of outstanding recruiters. It offers councils a way to publicly honor recruiters and show the importance of recruitment as an ongoing activity.

As of June 30, 2015, membership in the VIP Club stood at 151,796 Knights, who collectively have recruited 1,034,576 new Knights. To date, 349 members have each recruited 100 members; 66 have recruited 200 members; 18 have recruited 300 members; and nine have recruited 400 members. We now have seven brother Knights who have each recruited 500 or more members.

Jurisdictions with the most “VIP” Club members are:

New Jersey: 5,127
Illinois: 5,300
Québec 5,358
Florida: 5,982
Mindanao: 6,014
Michigan: 6,189
New York: 6,772
California: 7,785
Texas: 9,776
Luzon: 75