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Convention Insider

State Deputy Relies on Top Team

State Deputy Stanley Glowaski and his wife, Anna Marie, hold

State Deputy Stanley Glowaski and his wife, Anna Marie, hold "American Watercolor," an original artwork she painted for a raffle at the convention.

The 133rd Supreme Convention is a huge undertaking for the Pennsylvania State Council, but State Deputy Stanley Glowaski knows he has an experienced team to help him.

“We have three past state deputies who bring a wealth of experience and expertise,” said Glowaski, referring to the other members of the coordinating committee – Aaron Cubbage, Wayne Freet and George Koch. “They’ve been involved in many state conventions and Supreme Conventions, so I feel whenever we have a problem, they’re here to work on it.”

Koch was state deputy when Pennsylvania was chosen to host the 2015 convention. “I put the team together at that time, and we’ve been meeting every month for about two years now,” he said.

Glowaski called it “an exciting time for all of us in Pennsylvania,” with the Supreme Convention in August and Pope Francis coming to Philadelphia at the end of September for the World Meeting of Families. He said that the K of C event is sort of a practice run for the pope’s visit, since the convention has the largest gathering of bishops, priests and Catholic laity in the state before the pope arrives.

The convention has about 100 volunteers, including “a lot of help from the wives. We couldn’t do it without them,” he pointed out.

Reflecting on the importance and meaning of the convention, Glowaski said that it is designed to build on the Order’s first principle of charity – love of God and love of neighbor. “If we don’t have charity as our focus, we really have lost the point,” he explained.

The motto for his two-year term as state deputy is “Columbianism: A Journey of Faith, Hope and Love,” he said. “I think that fits in perfectly with what we are doing here at the convention. We are all on a journey to bring us closer to God and to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.”