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VIP Club

The VIP (Very Important Proposers) Club is made up of outstanding recruiters. It offers councils a way to publicly honor recruiters and show the importance of recruitment as an ongoing activity.

As of June 30, 2017, membership in the VIP Club stood at 308,605 Knights, who have collectively recruited 1,266,857 new Knights. To date, 395 members have each recruited 100 members; 76 have recruited 200 members; 22 have recruited 300 members; and eight have recruited 400 members. We have six who have each recruited 500 members. We now have two brother Knights who recruited 2,000 or more members.

Jurisdictions with the most VIP Club members are:

New Jersey: 9,896
Illinois: 10,772
Michigan: 12,008
Florida: 12,037
Mindanao: 12,292
New York: 13,369
Québec: 13,880
California: 15,203
Texas: 19,892
Luzon North: 26,347


Top Recruiter

As a special recruitment incentive each year, the Order’s top recruiter from our Insurance and Non-Insurance Territories are recognized at the annual Supreme Convention.

This year, here in St. Louis, we honor a special recruiter who brought in 122 members this past fraternal year: Eduardo Valdez of British Columbia, who is the 2016-2017 recipient of the Orderwide Top Recruiter Award. We would also like to recognize the top recruiter from our Non-Insurance Territories: Danilo Leonor Martinez of Visayas, who recruited 1,416 members this past year.

The top 10 recruiters Orderwide for 2016-2017 are:

Jolito Espejo
Recruited 95 members - Mexico West

Jorge Ricardo Sevilla Gonzalez
Recruited 101 members - - Mexico West

Ernesto Chapa Rangel
Recruited 107 members - Mexico Northeast

Arthuro Borneo
Recruited 109 members - Mindanao

Eduardo Valdez
Recruited 122 members - British Columbia

Dennis Obcena
Recruited 143 members - Mindanao

Joel Cadelina
Recruited 152 members - Visayas

Antonio Bunda
Recruited 153 members - Visayas

Felixberto Jampit
Recruited 235 members - Mindanao

Danilo Leonor Martinez
Recruited 1,416 members - Visayas


Round Tables

Parish round tables are not only a way for a council to serve a parish - they’re also a great way to recruit new members. The Orderwide average of new members recruited per active round table is three.

During the 2016-2017 fraternal year, 3,084 round tables were established. Jurisdictions reaching their goals are:

Delaware, 10 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Barry Swain

Nevada, 10 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Gregory Sprigg

District of Columbia, 12 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Timothy Saccoccia

Hawaii, 16 Round Tables
State Deputy Theodore Rhoades III

Mexico Central, 16 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Juan Ygnacio Vargas Esqueda

Mexico West, 16 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Salvador Rojas Hernández

Mexico Northwest, 17 Round Tables
State Deputy Juan Álvarez Del Castillo

Georgia, 21 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Mark McMullen

Mexico Northeast, 21 Round Tables
State Deputy Alexandro Xavier Isaac Huerta

Utah, 21 Round Tables
State Deputy Andrew Airriess

Arizona, 25 Round Tables
State Deputy Sean Halpain

Arkansas, 26 Round Tables
State Deputy Philip Savage

Luzon North, 26 Round Tables
Luzon North Deputy Jose Reyes Jr.

Idaho, 28 Round Tables
State Deputy Michael Townsend

North Carolina, 31 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Colin Jorsch Jr.

Alabama, 32 Round Tables
State Deputy Griffin Shreves

Connecticut, 32 Round Tables
Past State Deputy John Macari

Virginia, 32 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Michael Gasper

Oregon, 33 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Sidney Thiel

Kansas, 34 Round Tables
State Deputy Vincent Melvin III

Visayas, 36 Round Tables
Visayas Deputy Anthony Nazario

Mississippi, 39 Round Tables
State Deputy Noel Aucoin

Manitoba, 41 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Karl Brosch

British Columbia, 46 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Arcie Lim

South Dakota, 46 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Thaddeus Liebig

Mindanao, 54 Round Tables
Mindanao Deputy Reynaldo Trinidad

Maryland, 57 Round Tables
State Deputy Stephen Cohen

Indiana, 58 Round Tables
State Deputy Martin McCoy Jr.

Saskatchewan, 60 Round Tables
State Deputy Brian Schatz

Massachusetts, 74 Round Tables
State Deputy Paul O’Sullivan

Nebraska, 75 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Anthony Hergott

Luzon South, 76 Round Tables
Luzon South Deputy Ramoncito Ocampo

Florida, 78 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Donnie Goolesby Sr.

Pennsylvania, 83 Round Tables
State Deputy Charles Vagnarelli

Minnesota, 87 Round Tables
State Deputy Robert Penas

Missouri, 87 Round Tables
State Deputy Joseph Rosenthal

Ohio, 101 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Robert Collins Jr.

Wisconsin, 102 Round Tables
State Deputy Timothy Guski

Colorado, 105 Round Tables
Past State Deputy James Caffrey

Illinois, 145 Round Tables
Past State Deputy William Doerfler

California, 157 Round Tables
Past State Deputy Sonny Santa Ines

Michigan, 174 Round Tables
State Deputy Kenneth Unterbrink

Québec, 186 Round Tables
State Deputy Denis Lapointe

Texas, 207 Round Tables
State Deputy Douglas Oldmixon


Century Club Award

Councils that add 100 members over suspensions and withdrawals are eligible for the Order’s prestigious Century Club Award.

This year’s Century Club Award winners are:

Council 4610 in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Luzon North
102 members

Council 15586 in Jagnaya, Jamindan Capiz, Visayas
103 members

Council 5123 in Estancia, Iloilo, Visayas
109 members

Council 10383 in Sampaloc, Sampaloc, Luzon South
115 members

Council 10277 in Surrey, British Columbia
122 members

Council 10695 in Gen. De Leon Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Luzon North
129 members

Council 16029 in Estancia, Iloilo, Visayas
143 members

Council 9573 in Catalunan Grande, Davao Del Sur, Mindanao
168 members

Council 15566 in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, Visayas
202 members