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Good Showing by the ‘Show Me State’

Missouri State Deputy Joseph Rosenthal and his wife, Beverly (center), are joined by some of the 300 convention volunteers. Flanking the state deputy and his wife are two past state deputies, convention chairman John Appelbaum (left) and Anthony Braun (right).

Missouri Knights of Columbus are putting a new spin on the term “Show Me State.” According to State Deputy Joseph Rosenthal, the Knights working the Supreme Convention are “showing everyone how welcoming and hospitable we are. To us, ‘show me’ means we are out to show you our best.”

John Appelbaum, a past state deputy and convention chairman, said that his team of 300 volunteers is up to the task. “We’ve been preparing for the past three years, and really going full time for the past year,” he said. “In the last few weeks, you really worry a lot, you know this is so important for the Knights and for your state, so you want everything to be perfect. I think so far things have been going very smoothly and we have our team of volunteers to thank for that. We’ve been getting compliments from delegates and their families about how accommodating our team has been.”

He added, “Our goal is to engage everyone who comes to the convention in a personal way, to serve them just like Knights serve others every day throughout the Order.”

Rosenthal credited his wife, Beverly, for helping him face the many challenges of hosting a convention. Among other important tasks, she chose the color for the staff shirts that make volunteers visible from afar.

“My wife has been right there by my side through all the preparations,” Rosenthal said. “She’s done so much to get things ready, and has kept me calm and steady. She tells me that whatever needs to be done will get done.”

Noting the international nature of the convention, he added, “It’s such a fraternal moment to have brother Knights and their ladies from all over the world. We come together, pray together, work together and by the end we’ll be closer and more ready to continue the charity of the Knights.”